Any Reason to Keep Old CFA Textbooks

I’ve been trying to rationalize reasons to keep old Cfa textbooks, I.e. Useful info, applicable to work, etc, however I’m struggling. Anyone have suggestions?

I will be moving soon, so it would be nice not to have to lug around. Thanks

Ghiblis suggests burning them to increase CO2 levels.


I think I’ve referred to them exactly once since my studies, and even that was more out of curiosity than anything else. Most stuff you would consult them for is already online, with the possible exception of GIPS stuff.

I used a book in Canada for kindling a couple years ago.

Way back in my day, you had to buy the individual text books. I kept the financial statement analysis book and a couple of the others and do reference them occasionally. The rest, I had no need for.

^yeah, FRA book is useful. Keep it!!

Currently using L2 for monitor stands. L3 is on my bookshelf. Not sure where L1 is, probably in some box in the basement. Haven’t referred back to them.

If you have kids, they’re useful on chairs at the dinner table.

I referred to them once during my masters program (but I easily could have done without). Really no reason to keep them.

I loaned L1 to a friend who was considering taking the exam and never cared enough to get it back. L2 is in a closet and L3 is sitting on a bookshelf in the same place I put it 2 years ago when I took the exam. I never look back at them but keep 2 and 3 because I haven’t moved since then, so haven’t had a reason to toss them.

I keep mine at the office, since I have empty bookshelves. I use them a few times a year for reference. But yes, everything is online.