Any Study Groupfor Level 1 in San Diego, CA in here ????

Drop me a line & lets Talk.

Use the L1 forum or the Hook Up, are you that incapable of distinguishing which forum is for what? I’m sorry but this is the second post from you in Gen Discussion, and the other one about if people have used schweser was ridiculous.

Last time I check, did not see your ugly name Written allover the General Discussion sections as your own Property!!! Truly a looser!!

Seriously? That’s how you respond? You sir, are a looser. Have a little respect for the forum.

Actually, I have a Little Respect for YOU only. I knowhurts you. I have all the respect for those who did not react like you did. your reaction really shows who you are. I sugesst you would spend sometime reading a book about how to deal with people in a respectful mannar, you will sure need it , if you become a CFA. I will not waste anythime replying to you any more, it would worth my time. Best of luck anyways!