Any study guides available in full other than Schweser?

Are there any study guides that are available for June Level II in print and in full? Schweser is too expensive for me, and I prefer Elan. However, I want to get started now and apparently Elan won’t be available in print until spring sometime? I’m also interested in AnalystSuccess, but there materials aren’t ready to ship either…

I am using Irfanullah’s video. I am finding it good and the prices are reasonable.

Irfanullah’s video mostly covering Blue Box (about 60% BB for each reading), the OP looking for Study Notes.

Nothing is better than the CFAI material. Everything that you need to pass is already given to you. But if you really want one, Irfanullah’s videos are helpful. You can also checkout Finquiz, Finance train and analystnotes. These are all online but you can print them.

What if I’am really slow in reading the CFAi book, even though I’ve started reading since Sept 15, I just finished the book 1 on November 19. and that’s more than 2 months for just the 1st book. So Iam thinking of using the Schweser notes, can I still pass with it ?

Gotta speed it up buddy. 2 months for a book is really slow. But at this point you have more than enough time to read the curriculum.

I would suggest you use the CFAI book as the primary material and Schweser only as supplementary reading. Though a lot of people swear by Schweser, I personally dont feel confident enough going Schweser only.

Remember the format of the Level 2 exam is vignette type meaning you have to read the vignette fast in order to answer the questions.

The problem that I found with the CFAI material in Level I is that it gave too much information, and it wasn’t as effective in prioritizing information that was more testable. I spent quite a bit of time on concepts that were given a couple pages in the books and then found out that they were only fringe candidates to be tested at best, so I switched to Elan and the speed at which I moved through the material doubled. When Elan didn’t go into enough detail for me to understand the underlying concepts, I looked in the CFAI material and got a more robust understanding. That’s why I prefer study guides.

There’s also the fact that right now I’m dirt dirt poor and I can’t afford the print editions of the CFAI material, reading electronic screens for hours on end just plain old sucks. Unless of course somebody knows of a way to get the CFAI material onto an e-reader?

You didn’t get well information from the Review provider book, but you still prefer the Elan