any suggestions in which order to read the GARP volumes for Part I

Hi folks,

Any suggestion in which order one should read the curriculum? I glanced through all four volumes and don’t have a clue where to begin. Suggestions welcome. Thank you!

You can go in the order of Learning Objectives.

GARP also has a recommended order. If you go to your member page and click on the Study App (Beta), there is a study guide that will take you down a different path that may fit things more nicely. For example, it will tell you to read the fixed income portions from Financial Markets and Products and Valuation and Risk Models together.


Specifically for Part 1 (which is very foundational in nature), following the order of readings as they appear in the learning objectives may not help you get the most out of your learning efforts. The order in which various concepts are introduced may appear haphazard and you may repeatedly get a feeling that you’re lacking some sort of pre-requisites to understand a given topic. This order may also lead you to tackle readings in Foundations of Risk Management area first, when they’re best tackled a bit later.

You can take the order in my study plan below as a starting point and devise one that suits your needs best:



Thanks to both of you!