Any suggestions on how to move to trading from MO?

I am a Level 3 candidate working in Structured Derivatives Middle Office right now at a ‘big’ but ranking on the lower part of top 20 firms in securities business. I want to move into trading, and am thinking of making a move after the exam in June (outside the firm if inside doesn’t work out). Can someone suggest what would be a good preparation to do from now apart from CFA L3. I have 1yr experience in Risk, P&L and valuation of exotic derivation products. I am thinking of working on improving my understanding on these products, taking GMAT etc, trading FX for my personal a/c etc. Anything (else) that I can do better?

Sorry to steal your thread, but what kind of comp could one expect working in the middle office/trade support of a BB say 2-3 years in?

this belongs in the general forum…and use the search function - these kind of general questions come up all the time.

To get a job you will want to sell yourself on a steep learning curve. Two parts: – your experience allows you to learn faster because some of the process will be second nature to you. – you are a smart / high potential person with lots of motivation and dedication, etc. Part 1 is to seperate you from younger/less experienced candidates, and part 2 seperates you from other back office or middle office people. Part 2 is more important, but part 1 is easier to express on a resume and is more likely to get you in the interview where you can prove part 2.

I think your profile is fine. You probably lack good connection. What field in trading you meant?