Any TELLs....

Last 24 hours.

The portal is shut for registrations for exam registrations - till around 9 AM ET on Aug 9.

Level III results would be available on the portal at around 9 AM ET on Aug 9.

Makes me believe that the results would be uploaded between now and tomorrow.

C’mon folks - there should be a TELL…

Did anyone check for the 2016 TELL?..

@googs1484 - you are the man. Does it TELL you that you passed?

As of 9:30am EST, I can still apply for a scholarship. Still 2 boxes after apply and withdraw. Cannot register for an exam as “I am already registered”.

Should we conclude that no TELLs this year…

would still love some sort of indication to mentally prepare myself before the email tomorrow. But seems like this year we are going in blind.

The real tell - email with your result - will come tomorrow, stop looking for other tells.

It will come tomorrow. They’re freeing the server for the release.

TELLs yourself to take a bunch of sleeping pills and wake up in like 20 hours

Good luck to everyone for tomorrow:)