Any test takers from Bangalore, India?

Was wondering if any of the AF members are writing the exam in Bangalore this sunday…


BIEC ,Blore

Same here… You planning to visit the exam centre on Saturday to get acquainted with the surroundings…or are you just heading out on Sunday? BIECs a little far out, so i was thinking of just starting really early on the exam day…

I am going to be staying in Yeshwanpur.From here its about 12 KM. I might check it out on Saturday though !

Guys, How are you planning about lunch ! This place has nothing to offer us… pls share

There is a little place that serves lunch there

With 10,000 people (my guess) at BIEC writing test,can this small place fill our belly on the d-day? Obviously no…what have you planned for yourself?

10,000 ppl?? The whole of India has around 10000 test takers, Bangalore had around 1500-2000 last time, the place was okayish last time , but you had to wait for a while, but the best option would be to carry your own lunch (if possible)

Caramel, I’m in Bombay as well. Which center you at? I have some auditorium in Goregaon and I have no idea how to find it

yup me in the same place . I did a dry run there about 4 weeks back. its equidistant from jogeshwari and goregaon station. I will arrive in bombay round sat evening . gonna take packed lunch . someone sandwiches . dont think i will have any apetite for a full meal .

Sweet. Can you tell me any specs about the actual exam center?

its like a huge barn . but a person from management there assured me that air conditioning will be kept at 19C.