Any updates on CFA Institute question bank

Rumor has it that CFA Institute will start selling its own Question Bank this year. Is it true? If so, do we know when exactly they will do that?

Someone here sent them an email and got October as a response. Lets see.

Here’s a link with info -

and to answer your question about the cost that i never answered in august, I-will… according to the info at that link, the CFAI Q-bank (topic-based practice tests) are included with your registration.

as far as availability is concerned - “Anticipated availability of topic-based practice tests is November 2013.”

Selling questions that you will never see on an exam and people will actually pay for- what a joke!

They aren’t selling questions, per se… the CFAI q-bank, aka topic-based assessments, come with your registration. Besides, these questions are from the creators of the exam, in exam format… I doubt you will find a single person on here that says doing those practice problems will be a waste of time, or “a joke”

More CFAI questions can only be a good thing for level 2 preparation. Schweser, finquiz,elan questions just aren’t quite the same.

Last year there were at least 3 exam questions that were similar to questions in the sample exams