Any valuation experts out there?

So I work for this family office, and I get a project to value these apartment complexes. I have all the detailed information such as cash flow, noi, capital structure and what not.

I figured since all of the complexes are 95% debt financed, to use the band of investments method to calc the cap rate, but I really don’t know. I’d just like to know the best way to value the properties. How to people value properties on the comparable NOI approach of extracting the cap rate? where do you get this information? I assume people that sell their properties don’t publish their NOI on google. Any help appreciated. I’d ask my bosses, but they’re ancient CFA charterholders and prob don’t remember this stuff.

I do business valuations of private firms, and found than the L2 exam subject material was quite different from what’s used in actual practice in the real world. I would check this forum to see what’s really used in real estate valuation >