any WB people here?

what’s the sentiment down there?

here, but I wasn’t part of the deal. business as usual :slight_smile: this is actually good for us. no bank overhang, no huge mortgage portfolio. the new Wachovia will be a leaner, meaner and more profitable organization. too bad I am leaving though. I think I will give notice on Monday.

It sucks. Lots of unanswered questions still. I mean we know the major groups that are going to Citi, but what about the interconnected groups, part in Citi part in the new Wachovia?

Basically, if you are part of anything that is going over to Citi, you are pretty much screwed. Especially CIB, and especially if you are junior. I am happy I didn’t have the grades to be hired by an Ibank. Asset Management is a much better place to be when sh*t hits the fan.