Any weekly University of Dallas attendees here?

I’m taking the Schweser weekly review at the University of Dallas. Just curious to know if anyone attending is also posting here? -Chris Dallas

Yep, I’m also taking the prep course at University of Dallas? Where are you at with your studying Chris? Or any others taking that class? Michael

What do you guys think of the class so far? I was planning on taking it for L1 June '09. Is it worth the money, or would you recommend just studying on your own?

Well, we have only attended one class thus far. It seemed like the prof was reading directly from the slides in the first class… not very helpful IMO. But, we’ll see after a couple more classes since different profs teach different sections of the material.

Hi Michael - Where you at class today? We outta meet next time. I’m currently on study session 3, page 239. I’ve already completed CFA Ethics and next week will be my review on Ethics. How about you? BTW: Does anyone know of a good resource whereby we could get the key-stroks for the HP12c that would help with Cov, Corr, SD, calculations? There are ways to do this on your calculator (short version) rather than manually. If someone know, that’s great. Otherwise I’ll have to resort to my manual. Chris

Hey Chris, Yes, I was at class today. I sit in the front row :). I have finished Equities, Ethics, and Quant. I’m trying to stay 2-3 sessions ahead of the prep course curruiculum. Although I’ll probably read Ethic again later. I plan on jumping into FSA today. Sorry - I have the TI calculator. It’s very easy to you use. Give me a shout at my personal email. Let’s plan on meeting up next class.