Any Whities on this forum?

…to exchange experience

Probably not. That goes for Asians and Indians too. These groups usually aren’t interested in the CFA.

What? Are you saying tha Whites, Asians or Indians are not interested in CFA? Then what other group of races are there left?

I prefer boxers over whities.

No Jews either. Surprisingly large number of people from Botswana and Zimbabwe however.

If you removed all asians and indians from the CFA program, you’re cutting off like 40% of the entire population of CFA candidates

i’m from Toronto, asians and indians are at least 70% of the program here…

I took the test in Dallas last year, went there for a wedding, and half the auditorium was Asian. Asian wasn’t the minority group I was expecting to see a lot of in Texas would have expected Latinos. But the only Latinos were proctoring. But well, there has to be some sort of bias to describe this? Self-Selection Bias? Fuck, no wonder I failed.