Anybody care to share your cumulative Kaplan Qbank performance tracker scores and percentage of questions taken?

I have a 71.65% with ~82% of questions taken. I’m at or above 70 (or a point within it) on all sections except quant and I’m hitting 80% over the last month.

Hope these questions are representative of the real exam, but they should really add more vignette-style questions to the mix.

i failed last year and completed over 90% and retaking the ones i got wrong so the tracker score was near 100%… point of the matter is that qbank doesnt cover all the formulas you need to know, that why i failed… there are way too many easy questions… dont waste your time going over basic questions questions that would never come up on the real exam

ethics is helpful though

I took it last year (failed) and found the Qbank to be ok, although I agree KS’s study material is kind of spotty. I used the CFAI and EOC too, but the Qbank is a decent tool. Or so I think – we’ll see in a few days… I guess.

I don’t think there is much use to a score that involves questions you’ve seen or attempted more than once, especially after seeing answers. I think reviewing and practicing the questions is helpful, but the overall score becomes inflated.

From LI, I agree kaplan schweser can’t seem to produce the difficulty and style of actual exam questions-- they were too easy for over 95% of the questions (the rest were average). I tried a Wiley free trial for the Qbank for Level II, and it seems to be pretty similar to Kaplan (For LI) in terms of difficulty (low). The online interface also seems less intuitive than Schwesers.

Do you mind me asking how you were performing on the online assessments and mock exam from CFAI last year?

^ i didnt even look at the online stuff… i was scoring in the mid 60s using schweser practice exams… this year, im a bit better

You didn’t look at the online CFAI material?!? It’s gold, man!

^^ last year, i took lvl1 for the first time in 2009 and the online thing is new so i didnt even know about it really

Ah, I see what you mean. I’m sure you see they’re pretty good, though. Unfortunately, the lack of assessments for AI and FI is sorely disappointing.

Sorry, I should have been more specific. I was honest and always checked “only new questions.” But nevermind, I guess this kind of devolved from the information seeking and sharing intentions I meant when I started the thread to another “let’s criticize Kaplan” post.

I can’t remember specifics, but it was substantively lower. I went into the test knowing full well I wasn’t going to pass. I passed L1 in December and had a stressful job, so time was an issue. If I had to guess I’d proffer 60% at the end. What about you, what are you testing at?

And that’s without retakes.

Kaplan is good for repetition, but it’s difficult to mimic the CFAI material. I also criticized Wiley, if that makes a difference. angel

I kept track of mine, and I have just over an 81% for all of the assessments on a first attempt basis.

I asked because some people I used to work with claimed to be hitting 75-85% on CFAI material but ended up failing. I don’t know them too well, so I didn’t know what kind of weight to put into it.

No worries mate. Not a personal attack; I agree one of the frustrating things about the CFA is lack of strong study material. The CFAI books are both deep and wide (in terms of stuff) with no guarantee any one thing will be on the test. The condensed versions are just as clueless as we are in terms of what will be on the test as well. It’s tough, I totally know!

This is a big reason why I read the CFAI books for the BOK-- and, I want to learn the material as much as possible.

Then you, my friend, are pretty golden (or at least I think so). I know L1 and L2 are different, but when I had an 80%+ average on L1 I actually did really well on the test. Now that’s L1, and we know how that goes. Sometimes I pop over to the L1 and read the comments and I just want to reply on a few threads and say …“you have no idea!” but I guess L3 guys and charterholders are looking at us like that too.

I had lot of reviews on this…They are easy, repetitive, not clearly framed, doesnt test like EXAM (Vignette) and doesnt challenge the concept in many tricky ways to build confidence. I would rather avoid Q-banks. However if you have done almost 80%, i think if you continue to do more, the returns would be minimal! Focus on weaker areas now!

I hope so. I try not to take anything for granted. I’ve learned that practice exams mean jack squat come exam day, but they also mean a lot.

If you’ve done well, they don’t mean anything, because they don’t count, but you can feel a little comfort since you likely prepared well (and the real test will be just another exam).

If you haven’t done well, that can mean little as well; be more careful, manage the time, and keep your head up.

I’ve known many people to screw up an exam because they were putting the cart ahead of the horse, and a few people who pulled a rabbit out of their hat because the mock exams caused them to focus more on exam day.