Anybody convert the ebooks to PDF?

Edit: nm, 2 hours later and I finally got er

Would love to know how you did it - when I tried to print them to pdf the first few pages work and then the rest of the pages come out blank…

You need to use a pdf printer which will allow you to print to file and add new pages to the file. Huge pain which would prevent sitting for a while.

^^ more or less what he said. I’ve got full featured acrobat on my pc so the Adobe PDF printer is available, I just opened each book in vitalsource and printed the page range with the EOCs and solutions to a file (one for each LOS). There’s other pdf printers like CutePDF, not sure how they work, but the adobe one worked great. Quality was a little low but very much readable, higher quality was available but then we were looking at 12 mb pdf’s.

I’d offer to share them, but the printout has my full name and email on it and I’m not comfortable putting that out there.

I’m pretty sure you are allowed at least one PDF download as per CFAi rules.

Ok, thanks. I’m not sure what I was doing wrong. I’ll try it again & see how it comes out. Thanks

I did it, I did it!!!