Anybody do the extra Schweser Online exams that

came as part of the Final Review Pack…I took 1AM and got a 55 on it…my opinion that they should just call it Book 8. (Harder than 7 by a mile)

can you post the link here?

not sure what link…gotta pay for them its a $149 bucks not worth it…save your money and do the CFAI exams

They were probably punishing you because you are a wahoo. :slight_smile:

good one mwvt…

Sorry. As a faithful Hokie I had to…

Just did the first online exam 1AM. Seriously??? That was impossible! Scored a 55% and have been doing much better than that on CFAI exams and book 6! Not sure if it even makes sense to take the other online exams.

all those exams are dog sh*t. Did three of them and got below 65 on all three - got 73 on CFAI mock 2, which I think is pretty representative of the real deal.