Anybody else finding Schweser's Site slow?

Anybody else having issues today? or is it just me?

Yes, I have found there to be many errors on the pages and very slow at times. I guess there are too many last minute crammers!!!

uh, well now i don’t know whether to throw my laptop at the wall (i’m on question 116 out of a 120 question test and getting kicked off the site) or to be thankful that i’m not alone … wait that doesn’t help.

LOL, I was on my final questions on a practice exam too. Guess I may need to start printing off practice exams and waste paper and ink…

WTF!! – the damn site is down. I’m in the middle of going over a practice test too.

hmmm again at approximately the same time as yesterday … weird

Seems to be around this same time every night that I try to take sample Q’s on Schweser’s website that it is either very slow or not working at all. Don’t know if they do an update on their website everyday or they just can’t handle the capacity of all of us last minute crammers…

This is BS. I can’t print exams geting a f***** mysql error. They really need to fix this crap.

I hope this doesn’t happen all weekend. What a joke and I wanted to finish all the Q-Bank questions this weekend. Right!!!

they better be glad they’re in Wisconsin because I really want to seek out some Texan justice right about now