Anybody ever built a website?

So I’m trying to build my own website for my up-and-coming business. The simplest website ever.

Basically, I just want to put my name, address, phone number, and a brief description of what services I provide, so that if people google “Green Man CPA” or “CPA Midland Texas”, my name comes up, and they can get in touch with me.

So I bought a domain name on Enom, and purchased the $96 package on Wordpress. But now I’m having difficulty figuring it all out. It looks like I have to build databases, get DNS records, etc. And I have absolutely no idea where to start.

Can anybody help a poor soul on how to build a website? (I’m wondering if I should just abandon Wordpress and build the site directly with Enom. At least that would solve the DNS problem.)

I made an Angelfire page once. Don’t you have adolescent children? I bet one of them could do it for you.

Pre-K and 1st grade. So…maybe.

What about Wix?

I made some websites with Angelfire and such back in the day. Lot of gifs and midi files…

^honda civics?

I’ve heard building websites is very easy these days. WordPress and square space seem to be the most common advertisers. You can also go to and hire some Indian to do it for very little money.

What, Honda Civic? No, it was just some emo sh*t from when I was a teenager.

haha just messin with ya. i built a site back in the day too, lots of animated letters and pics

You want a static page so cheapest way is: go to themeforest buy a personal cv template for around $15, go to reddit/r/webdev ask one of the 19year old showing their portfolio to modify the theme for $50-100 and set up hosting, if you do a static page you can probably host it for free, I have never used wordpress but I think you would have to pay around $4 per month for hosting

I second Wix. Super easy to get up and running.

$50 on Asian Avenue

Kids don’t use the regular old internet anymore, just get a snapchat and a FB profile and set up a domain on the dark web :grin:

Third vote for Wix. As keep it simple stupid as anyone could ever want for a vanilla DIY website, IMO.

Use Squarespace, best thing ever to happen to webpages.


Or ' … u get someone else to build it for u as a gig. Should cost u a $100 or so