Anybody ever test at Providence RI?

Just wondering if anyone has ever tested in Providence, where is it and was it a good site?

I tested in “Providence” in June (passed Level I - yay!) It was at CCRI in Warwick. I tested in Boston in Dec '09 (Band 7). What a difference! When I got to the RI site I thought I was in the wrong place because there were so few cars. (It was in the middle of a hellatious thunderstorm too.) Less chaos = more calm Only about 10-12 people in a small-ish classroom (tho several rooms for the many testers), versus 100s in a large convention center room in Boston. Not nearly as many testers in RI v. Boston. If the commute’s not far for you I highly recommend it. No food services at the site, but hey I ate in my car both times as I reviewed some Quant formulas. Very short walk to/from car, no waiting for buses, etc. Best of luck to you on L2.

Thanks resolute - you sold me… I’ll be an L2 re-taker this coming June. Congrats on L1 and good luck on L2 and I’ll see you in Warwick…