Anybody failed?

Looks like everyone passed… I find that suspicious!!!

The data that you would get from AF would in any case be highly skewed!

I really don’t feel comfortable until I will see more information tomorrow about this.

I get a message there is a problem with the security’s certificate when I go on the resume builder… But I submitted my resume earlier today correctly.

I will also hold back on the party until I have more information on how I performed against other candidates.

I know someone who failed, so guys take it easy… we are good. First off, whoever failed didnt have patience to login to AF and discuss lke us, secondly AFers are way better prepared that the other folks who winged it… it applied to BT forumers too…we skewed the results… so you have to wait and watch the % passed to be released by GARP to know that its true…but I would strongly believe. Good luck,

Thanks for providing this information v.raghavan, I will sleep well because of you tonight! Feel happy about this :D!!! Usually, I only say that to my girlfriend hahaha!

dont worry, even i was in a little shock… its basic psychology that people who failed will normally not write and thats understandable…

I just talked to a friend who unfortunately did not pass either. Thought, she prepared far more rigorously than I did. I totally share the shock feeling…

Found this while trying to register again: FRM Exam Registration -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our records show that you have already passed the FRM Exam. Once accreditation is awarded, you do not need to retake the exam.

Survivorship bias at work??

i cant believe i cleared too , even i had the suspicion like others , got a pass number from a colleague of mine , its approx 6700 (full exam) , if anyone know the total number of candidates regd

My colleague failed despite pretty hard work. It does happen. I have CFA L3 behind my belt and know (by now) how to deal with those types of exams. That makes life a helluvalot easier.

I don’t trust that 6700 number. A colleague came up with the same based on about 17K FRMS mentioned on the GARP web site and about 24K “unique professionals” mentioned on the email. But the latter number may also refer only to FRMs, that is, people who passed the exam, in 2009 or earlier, and proved the relevant work experience, most likely up to the point of when the mail was sent. The two numbers cannot be simply compared.

I didn’t pass either. I was pretty well prepared until I felt dizzy, disoriented, headache and like vomiting all the time. Could not keep a thing inside. At that time I didn’t know why this was happening to me. Thought it might be anxiety. But now I know the cause: I am pregnant with my first.

My condolences and congratulations, sherbeer.