Anybody for LII in Stamford, CT

Hey, I don’t know why my first post was moved… being seen as a spam??? Anyway, I am geniunly looking for a study group or mate around Stamford to prep for the test together. Let me know if you are interested.

it was moved because you posted in the wrong section of the forum. CFA Hook Up is the proper section for group study.

So I’ve thought about it for a few days and I am in downtown stamford, ct. How far you in the studies? Group study only really works if people are around the same level. otherwise it becomes one person asking a bunch of questions, and bothering the person who is ahead. Unless you just wanted someone to study next to for motivation?? I may be interested. let me know…

I am in Greenwich/Stamford area - Level 3 stephensaldana at gmail dot com Wouldn’t mind being around others that are studying as well because I have been in a serious slacking-off mode the past few weeks.

i’m in stamford doing level 2. my email is ony at absinv dotcom