Anybody from Phoenix

Hi Everybody, Is there anybody from phoenix? Thanks, sss22

Hello sss22, I am from Chandler. I will be giving my Level 2 in June-08. How about you? Regards, Asset Appreciator

Hi Asset Appreciator, OOps! I was not clear in my previous message. I am giving level 1 in Dec 08 and I live in Gilbert :slight_smile: I was supposed to give level 1 exam in june 07, but got pregnant so decided to take the exam in Dec 08. Do you think I can at least start preparing from the materials I already have? Thanks in advance, sss22

Hello, I am also from North Phoenix…planning to write L1 in June 08. Starting from 08, while you register, CFAI will send the curriculum also along with it. So if your decision is final, you may apply as soon as possible. There are a few LOS(learning outcome statement) that got added and a few deleted from that of 2007. Apart from these, the rest of the material is same.

Hi Aravin80, I live in north phoenix too. Could you please provide me your materials after the exam and i would like to get in touch with you to seek some pointers for level 1 as i am planning to take the exam in dec 08. you can email me at Hi ss2, Since i am planning to take the exam in dec, i would like to get in touch with you

What’s good in Phoenix fools? I’ll be fhere from tomorrow