Anybody going for CPA as the next adventure?

Anybody going for CPA as the next adventure?

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ssdnola Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Anybody going for CPA as the next adventure? How tough is the CPA exactly?

i took it 17 yrs ago when i graduated college and only passed 1 part. if i remember correctly (and i am sure things have changed) there are 4 parts and you need to pass at least 2 to retain them. i never retook it. if you are not an accounting major it would be very difficult to learn. But i think the cfa was tougher.

It is different now. You have 4 windows per year and you can take one test per window. My wife just too the audit exam after studying for 12-15 hours and got a 78. She signed up last night for financial regulation and is taking the exam in 2 weeks. It is a different ball game. However, in my field of litigation consulting/business valuation, it carries as much weight as a CFA. So, this will indeed be my next designation as I passed the level 3 exam today and will be finished my ASA (Business Valuation) designation in 4 weeks.

hell naw.

Received CPA designation about 10 years ago passing 3 of 4 sections first sitting. Took a total of 5 CFA exams (1x Level I, 2x Level II & III) before passing. Accounting major, but been in finance entire 10 year career. CFA is harder than CFA (maybe not contentwise, but definitely more pressure given the test structure) I wold say though that having the CPA gives another level of insight into Financial Statement Analysis.

bobg Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > CFA is harder > than CFA This is true.

mwvt9 Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > bobg Wrote: > -------------------------------------------------- > ----- > > CFA is harder > > than CFA > > This is true. I disagree. I think CFA

Anyone who does CPA after completing CFA will think it’s a walk in the park (assuming you have at least some accounting background). I finished the CPA in 2006 before embarking on the CFA. It’s four sections, which you can take one at a time. All you have to do is pass all four within 18 months. Most people can pass by studying for each section for one month, taking the exam, and then maybe taking one month off. Studying is not nearly as intense as the CFA. The toughest section would be financial accounting. Got to know your debits and credits for that one. Reg/tax isn’t too bad. Business/econ is pretty straightforward. Auditing really isn’t too tough either.

I did the CPA first and actually thought it made level 1 and 2 of CFA not that bad. I think for me doing CFA first wouldnt have impacted that much the CPA. Either way, glad to be done with both and I dont plan on doing anything else (probably a language, but no certs).