Anybody Have a Sex Change after Level 3 pass?

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Had one during cfa level 2. Dun underestimate the power of boobies

A bit off topic, but a female friend of mine just got implants and she admits that her world has changed a lot, mostly for the good. She can upgrade now to more interesting guys.

and by more interesting guys …she means Arnie S.

She upgraded from back office guys to front office guys. I guess we’re not the only ones that want to do the transition.

I recently met a CxO’s wife at a social gathering. I literally could not tell what was real left on this woman. Quite obviously she had had a facelift, a nose job, a boob job, a butt lift, in additon to the usual plethora of female ruses - makeup, hair color, hair products.

If you see her photos you’d think she was a stunning beauty. Up close, it was a huge turn-off. Especially (maybe this would go in Blake’s Classic Stories thread) her nose job apparently made her unaware of a booger sticking out in her nostril till one of the women discreetly pointed it out to her.

incredible rack > top 5 MBA > CFA > average girl > average guy > other MBA

In clubs:

incredible rack > top 5 MBA > CFA > average girl > average guy > other MBA> Ugly fat girl > Ugly shy guy

Are you considering one Ohai?

Do you live in the LA area?


> Blake

for some strange odd reason, plastic surgery makes a girl look sluttier…often times that makes them a bit sexier…

Agreed. They are sluttier. I bet you women with implants sleep with more men than women with natural big racks.

Maybe because no guy wants to see saggy skin with implants, so immediately she is categorized as a short term bang

I thought a lot of times, trophy wives of rich guys get plastic surgery. Basically, their whole purpose in life is to look pretty. Their whole life success is based on physical appearance. So, once they are 40 and their looks are fading, they freak out and get work done.

but plastic surgery doesn’t make a women more attractive…generally speaking…i don’t think i can name too many girls who have had major work done that look really good…but perhaps its so good i don’t know the work was done…

But clearly the person who has cosmetic surgery believes it makes them more attractive, right? Otherwise, why would they do it?

I’m sure KK has had work done. She is too superficial not too.

Well, here is what people think she has done.

She has a fake butt? And what are “fat grafts”?