Anybody Have Knowledge of Actuary Exams?

The questions seem easy when compared to the CFA and job demand is off-the-charts while banking is considerably slowing. Anybody taken both?

Also, it would seem to help on the buy-side with insurance firms.

Take the actuarial exams only if you really, really, really, really, really want to be an actuary. And yes, I am a veteran of both systems.

Gotcha - thanks!

I’m new here. Thank you for accepting my request.

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seems legit…

Is that because a) they are insanley hard, b) they are insanely boring, c) not useful for anything else other than actually being an actuary, d) none of the above or e) all of the above?

Before anyone can answer your question, you need to restate it by transposing your multiple choice selections for d) and e), otherwise in its current format choice e) is self-contradictory.

Hard? Yup. Boring? Heapin’ helpin’ thereof. Usefulness outside of actuarial? Some actuaries have made interesting transitions outside of traditional actuarial work. Helped a whole lot when I saw the quant stuff in levels I, II, and III. :slight_smile:

I went out on a couple of dates with a cute blonde who was a junior actuary and still working her way through the exams. Unfortunately I didn’t date her long enough to get any real knowledge of her.

aha a pedant after my own heart! :wink: I did actually think about that as I clicked “post” and then couldn’t be bothered to edit and change…I placed my faith in you all that you could see past it …you’re all clever boys and girls no doubt :wink: