Anybody have reco on when to order Stall/Schweser?

I’m a level 1 taker in Dec…I’m 75% through the first text book, and i feel like i need more practice so i’m thinking of ordering Schweser or something similiar now rather than waiting to use it as review material. what do you all suggest?

give me ur ID…i have something that u would love it

Can I get that too? …also need more practice

yeap…but not until unless you post ur ID…lol

Me 2

could i get a look at that as well, thank you very much

Sounds like something interesting… can you email it to me too …

I hate to be that guy but could you please shoot to me as well?? Thanks alot.

aashish, i’m also a Baruch alumni, nice to see people from the same school going through this mess. Cheers.

Hi Spirit, Can you be an angel and send me one as well? Thank you! :wink:

Hi Spirit, Can you send me one as well? Thank you!

Spirit, Can you send it to me as well at Thanks in advance!!!

Hi Spirit, Can you send me one as well? Thank you

for me as well?

Me too please

OMG, Can’t believe it, just to see image of man with funny face will attract a crowd.

Out of curiosity - why you need the ID?

don’t post your ID and keep guessing. how many of you people are writing the exam in dec?

I will be taking Level 1 in December and hopefully level 2 in June.