Anybody help? I need sponsorship (Toronto)

I do not know anybody holding a CFA charter. Though my supervisor has a quite high level position in the company (Executive Director with about 4 billion annual revenue under his management), he does not have a CFA designation. I passed all 3 level exams, and am now looking for a CFA charter who is kind enough to sponsor me. Thanks a lot.

I was in the same situation as you. I contacted my local society, and explained the situation, and somebody accepted to sponsor me to join CFAI and the local society (I also showed up to one of the meetings).

Call up your local charter, they should have a membership person who handles all the newcomers. They will be happy to sponsor you. Good luck.

Let me know how it goes …I’m in a similar situation , I have the supervisor/sponsor now I just need the regular sponsor .

if any of yr prior uni Prof is a CFA charterholder he can sponsor you. good luck

I’ll do it. Willy

I will just need a [detailed] copy of your resume. Willy

Hi WillyR can you email me your contact info. sjdc0706 at

Sure… Send it to rod taylor twenty-nine hundred [one word with the numerical form of the later part] at yahoo dot com. I don’t really need a full resume but I do need something that you will sign your name to stating that the work experience is accurate. Remember, if I sponsor you and AIMR does and audit and finds out that you bs’d your work experience, I get reprimanded too. Willy

No problem I will send it shortly. I don’t have all the relevant experience yet …however I do need a second sponsor to join the CFAI . My expereince is largely BO however the Toronto Society thinks I qualify for Regular or Affilifate memebership.

@WillyR I also need a sponsor will you be able to help me as well…please. Kind Regards,

Well I mean I am happy to help, I’ll sponsor anyone… But I will vet your work experience pretty heavily myself. I can’t just magically validate BMO work experience and massage the wording to make you a bonafide PM. I’m sorry I just can’t. I’m all for helping out but I can’t just give people “free passes”. No one helped me in this biz. In fact, quite the contrary, I had to basically work slog my way through it - and thats while getting screwed pretty hard once in the process. So what I’m saying is that while my offer still stands, don’t be surprised if I’m not comfortable signing off on your WE if it’s boarderline investment related. Willy

WillyR, the Toronto Society helps candidates with sponsorship. Candidates have to fill a detailed form. So watch out Willy because some of these people probably don’t have the experience and may get you into trouble.

Good point. Folks you can hit the TSFA for sponsorship. willy

Can you post up a link to this form or direct us to where this can be found ? BTW TRIPLE A you dont need to have ALL the experience necessary to become a member , you can also become an affiliate member . I’m sure WillyR know’s what he is doing and saying that we might be falsifying expereince is uncalled for .

@Triple A If you might have read the post from WillyR carefully he wrote that he will himself be reviewing the credentials and statements for experience carefully before sponsoring somebody .We were only looking for a sponsor as we don’t know any body closely. Your point of referring other’s experience inadequate just seems like calling them dishonest. So please keep your eyes clearly open when reading posts and referring other people’s honesty as you don’t have any right say like this or hurt others sentiments. @Willey. It is OK we will refer to relevant local society for the service. Thanks any way

Thanks for everybody replying to my orignal post. Thanks Willey for offering, but I will go through Toronto CFA society, I guess that is the official way. Never want to be suspect of being dishonest.

FYI I emailed the toronto society and they sent me the form . Its about 2 pages .