Anybody here working in Chicago?

Hi Guys, Is there anyone here working in Chicago? I am currently looking out for Job opportunities of investment analyst/associate positions in Chicago with Investment banks, Asset management firms and Index providers. Any guidance about recruiters, websites ( apart from indeed, monster and efinancialcareers) would be helpful? I moved here a few months back. Really finding it hard to find a job here.

This may help. Headhunters are pretty big here too.

Thanks for this. Really appreciate it.

Morningstar is headquartered out there, right? Could check their careers section. Also Calamos is out there (not quite in the city). Check job listings on company websites.

What is your background? Your target firms are really all over the place which reflects a lack of focus.

i work at Morningstar which is a great firm doing a lot of interesting research and investment management work. Getting a job here is very competitive, however, but if you’d share your background I can advise on potential jobs to target as well as your chances of getting hired.

Find Matt Kral at Watson Dwyer, Inc. on Linkedin

He never found me a job but got me some great interviews a few years back. Very knowledgable and well connected. Chicago is one of the areas he focuses on.

Chicago Chicago its a hell of a town.

@Cory688 - Thanks mate …checked on Morningstar & Calamos… they do have some good jobs posted. @jethrodane - you make a good point… i have a backgroud with implementation of indexes with multiple asset classes over range of different strategies. @Huskie87 - I connected with Matt last week.via linkedIn. … nice guy… we have a call scheduled next week…to discuss my work experience… @1BigStudMuffin - agreed… i moved here in winters which were scary… but summers compensated for it…

Tons of asset managers in Chicago, there are likely to be some opportunities if you can knock on some doors. I liked the suggestion of Morningstar–great company and I hear it’s a good place to work if you care about work/life balance. Here are some other asset managers off the top of my head: Oakmark/Harris, William Blair, Oak Ridge, Nuveen, Ariel, Harbor, Wanger, Calamos.

You could also check out some of the larger investment consulting firms like Mercer or AonHewitt, or a smaller one like DiMeo Schneider. I would guess they hire charterholders and those on that track.