Anybody just started studying?

Did you use Schweser or Stalla. Are the EOC good? Just kidding…I can not fathom how that guy passed in eight days…mind boggling.

I really have a hard time believing someone studied for 8 days and passed.

I still got FRA Ethics and FI to read! How is FRA this year? I recall ethics and FRA being the two most feared topics in level 1, how are they in level2?

haha yeah I started a month ago but still haven’t touched ethics (always my strong suit and heard ) and am doing PM for the first time today. Nothing but EOCs and Stella starting tomorrow.

I dont know about 8 days, but if you have a really strong fundamental on most of the subjects it’ll be a lot easier. Granted, those with years of relevant working experience/knowledge might not pass the exam just b/c its tested on CFA rules but when I have questions, a lot of times I ask our CFO and he is able to answer most if not all of Financial Analysis, corp finance/budgeting, economics, equity and corp governance part.