Anybody still using Excel 2003 at work?

Hey AFers,

Couldn’t find a recent thread on the subject, and we still have 2003 @ work.

I was wondering if my bank is one of the very few retarded ones that still haven’t made the switch, or if that is still considered normal.


2003 seems like a very old version. Aren’t there like 2 or 3 versions since then? I use Excel 2010

Respect. Keep 2003 which was the best Excel version. It’s going down in history with the 12C.

I thought my office was behind the times - Excel 2007 running on Windows XP.

My office is officially transitioning to Office 2010 from 2007. However, some people have resisted change for years and are still using Excel 2003. They don’t like that the user interface changes significantly between Excel 2003 and 2007, and that the benefits (memory management, security, file capacity) are not always obvious to most users. In addition, Excel 2003 seems to have some VBA loopholes that are “fixed” in the 2007 version. Unfortunately, code that is technically incorrect but worked in Excel 2003 due to these loopholes stops working in Excel 2007.

Rumor has it that as our machines come off lease, the new ones will have Windows 7 and Excel 2010. I think I’m about a year away from a new machine though.

I really like the new Excel’s. But I have to google sometimes on how to do things and what formulas now exist.

Txs 4 replies guys. Validates my decision to (finally) personally switch to 2013 at home so that I can get used to it for my next jobs.

So far I have to say that passed the initial WTF moments, I am enjoying the 2007 systematic alot.

Seems to be more shortcut oriented.

Still stuck in 2003 here. It’s laughable.

Best jump was from Excel '03 to '07. We have 2010.

I only have excel 2003 on my workstation at work… gets very annoying when someone sends me a .xlsx file.