anybody studying/took PRM 3rd exam


studying …probably will write in june

how much time do u think it will take to prepare for PRM level 1 & Level 2? Given that your background is not in finance

Factorhedge,atpr… what are you 2 using for Prm 3? whats your emails?

@PtrainerNY I am planning to use mostly PRM handbook and and few chapters I would like to read from FRM Handbook , Philippe Jorion(ops risk is too good in this ) and for for VaR I recommend Philippe Jorion’s book (VaR The new benchmark for managing financial risk). you can mail me - prhegde2000 at gmail dot com

I took L3. It was much easier than what you might think based on the text. On my exam, they focused more on qualitative details than on the big picture or on calculations. I’m not even sure if there were any calcs on my L3. My thoughts on study time: L1: w/ a finance background: about 3-4 weeks, depending on the breadth of your exposure to basic concepts. Without a finance background: not sure… really up to you to determine when you can hit all the bullet points in the LOS. Can’t imagine there would be any marginal returns to more than 6-8 weeks of studying, though. L2: None. I don’t mean to be rude, but if any of this stuff is hard for you, I really don’t think you are looking at the right profession. Also, apart from the material being very elemental, the exam questions are extremely easy. (E.g., find the eigenvalues of this 2x2 matrix.) L3: About 3 weeks. Again, in my experience you really need to know the details. L4: Start Saturday morning, take the exam Monday morning. I’m being completely serious. Final thought: the Keesee practice exams are useless. Many of the purported answers are plainly incorrect or misleading, there are L4 questions in the L3 question bank, there are questions on topics outside the curriculum, and the style of the questions is not similar to the actual exam. I hope PRMIA eventually takes over the practice exams in-house and breaks ties with Keesee, as some of the issues I saw in their materials were really embarrassing.