Anybody take a vacation in the middle of studying?

Hey all, since getting the charter in 3 years or less usually means giving up any Springtime vacations, I was wondering if any of you were successful while also able to take maybe 2 weeks off and go on vacation and capitalize on the nice weather - then come right back to studying? This would especially be relevant for L2. Has anybody heard/experienced a scenario where they begin pretty early, and have most of it done so that they can afford the break in the Spring? Just wondering, because it seems I missed a whole lot last year, and the thought of 2 (hopefully) more years of that is kind of depressing.

Depends how you define vacation. Studying ethics while sitting on the beach isn’t so bad.

I guess so!! it’s just two weeks and I think you need to give yourself sometime off to be able to focus later on! I was actually wondering if I can join a gym, along with my 8 hours job and Level II preparing!

I guess so!! it’s just two weeks and I think you need to give yourself sometime off to be able to focus later on! I was actually wondering if I can join a gym, along with my 8 hours job and Level II preperation

I have taken long breaks in studying for the first two exams. For level I, I was finishing up my MBA, so I didn’t study for a few weeks towards the end of April and beginning of May. I had no job though, so when I was done with my break, I hit the ground running. Not to be cocky, but I hammered that test, I was a recently minted MBA with limitless amounts of time to study. Sorry to all ou busy folks out there. For level II, I went on a business trip for a month, and the first two weeks were pretty hectic, didn’t get any studying in. I passed this as well, did quite nicely actually, although I was sure I could have failed when I left the exam, level 2 fcuks with you. Oh, note on the level 2, there were a lot of rounding issues that caused me to take a lot of time. When they say “closest to the answer” they really mean it. If you give the test the 150 - 250 hours, maybe more depending on background, you should be able to pass.

I went to Barbados for a week in March. I read some ethics by the pool but not too much. I highly recommend it.

For Level1 I took vacations to Florida and California for a week each. I brought my books everywhere and tried to study on the beach. The heat is horrible for my concentration. It was miserable. I plan on doing the same for level2 especially if the vacation is in the Spring. I’m not messing around.

I took a week off in April for level 1 and a week off in February for level 2, and it’s great to recharge your batteries a bit. I’ll probably do the same in level 3 next year.

I think that vacation is a excellent idea, and good mindfresher. I used the vacation during the preparation of L1, and I passed from the first atempt. My wife prepared CIA (certified internal auditor) exam, and she also passed. So my conclusion is to work hard and start early with preparation, but to use oportunity to break during preparation.

I did but it wasn’t a good idea. I took a week off in March but couldn’t relax. I don’t think my girlfriend would call it a vacation :slight_smile: It depends on your personality type I guess.

May is really the month that you can’t afford to take time off. The last 4 weeks of studying are the most crucial. Nothing wrong with taking vacations in April. Lots of chances to study while traveling anyway. Study on plane etc.

I’ve been skiing every February for a week while studying. Took books with me on the plane though

I’ll be taking a break in the final week of April and first week of May. But it’s 50% financial inspiration (I swear!) - making the trek to Omaha for Woodstock…

I’m taking a 2-week vacation in December! I’ve started studying lightly now…take a break end of December; and hopefully return January to hit the ground running!! *fingers crossed*

I don’t think it hurts taking vacation while studying. It is over 9-month of studying and vacation of two weeks is nothing.

You know, when I was studying at the university, there came a moment when I realized that I was too tired to learn anything.