Anybody try out the Allen Prep test bank app?

Just noticed it in the app store, $100 for what seems like an ipad version of the qbank, and lookes like 6000+ questions. Anybody try it out?

It’s a piece of shit

Stick to schweser and CFA material.

Used them for L1 in Dec 2011. For $100 and thousands of questions it’s a good product, but it’s a mix of good questions and not so good questions. It’s a good tool to have whenever you need to do some questions just to keep the info fresh in your head. However, I felt Elan’s questions were harder and prepared me better for the exam.

Does elan have a qbank type program? I’m getting through qbank way too fast as it is. Already at 90% of ethics problems done, other covered material not far behind.

I don’t think Elan offers qbank, I was talking about the practice questions at the end of each readings. I think there are 1,500 questions and you can purchase them separately.

Forget all the sideshows. Read the curriculum, complement it with Schweser, do the CFA practice exams and the old CFA exams.

Allen materials are (or were) extremely outdated. For instance, Allen asks stuff about what will change in GIPS in 2005 - that’s not really that bad until you realize that any questions about current GIPs are actually about GIPS around 2002 or whenever they wrote them.

The same happens for almost every section. It’s probably better than absolute nothingness, since a lot of the curriculum from 10 years ago is still valid to some extent (to CFA or financial knowlege in general), but I would rather read whatever is on wikipedia than take Allen’s questions, especially close to an exam.

A lot of Allen’s questions are also practically identical to QBank. For L3 it was something like having a different vignette, but basically the same question and the same answer choices. So I guess it’s a little like having 2002s QBank on your phone.

Throughout my CFA preparation I came accross some of the materials from CFAI, Schweser, Stalla, Elan, Finquiz and BSAS - in my opinion Allen is easily the worst of them all.

For L1, Elan had a product they called “2000 questions” (this was late 2010) - I thought the questions were pretty good overall. EOCs and blue boxes are always nice - probably much better to go through them a second or third time than to use Allen.

Can anybody share/sell an ipad version of Qbank, please?

please email to analyst.rm [at] gmail com

I bought it and never used it. But I never used the schweser one. I’ve yet to see a qbank that will actually keep my attention away from porn.

Weird porn is the only thing that can take my attention away from porn

it is a downward spiral from there

^ Yes, verily so. I would say Schweser is a better option in that you can print the questions out. The portabilty is nice but the problem is that you need to turn off your wifi/3g so that you don’t get disrupted everytime someone messages you on facebook or an email comes in.

That said, I think the questions on Allen are effectively stolen from other material. Possibly slightly paraphrased.