Anyone a little obsessive compulsive about studying?

I am afraid I won’t be able to stop after Saturday!!! LOL

you bet…the safety of books. plus all the cute chicks I have been oggling at the library and wanna walk up to after the exam… Not gonna happen…I want my life back…until next June…

that’s what i said when i sat in december. but by the time the sunday after exam day came around, i put all the books away until i found out i failed.

i love studying, finished grad school and all i got to do is this sh%% until i find a job if anoyone here works on buy or sell side, hook me up. : ) -

for the past 2 months, definitely.

I honestly have wasted every free moment of my life with cfa and work for the last 6 months. I expect to be in a bit of a state of shock come next week to be entirely honest.