Anyone actually taking the exam in Dec 2020?

I’m sitting for the exam in Cleveland and we might be the only city in the U.S. still having the exam! Anyone else in the U.S. live in a place that hasn’t canceled yet?

Cant believe I’m jealous you get to sit this exam. Oh how lame life has become…

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Dallas is still going on. Pray for me.

Columbus, still going on(I think)

CT is happening despite pretty high covid positivity rate. I reside in NY but taking it in CT.

Delaware is still happening. I’m in PA but registered in DE.

Boise is still on.

Good luck tomorrow peeps :partying_face:

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I took it in Wilmington DE yesterday. It was an interesting scene with all the masked test takers!

Do you think having less people helped in your favor though?

I took the FRM level 2 exam, and usually in a room packed like sardines, we ended up with only 15 candidates. This was back in October 25th. Found out last week that I passed. And I don’t think I was nearly as prepared as I thought I would have been. So maybe it will play in your favor!