Anyone at Level 1 - June 08 in Hanoi?

Dear all, I am interested to know if there are anyone taking the exam in June 08 in Hanoi, Vietnam? Just noted the date is a really “lucky” one 8-6-2008 (“phat”-“loc” in Vietnamese means smth like luckiness :smiley: ) Regards, Hung

It is really hard to me join Jun '08 exam but Jun’09 will be okay! Anyway, i am now studying some CFA learning materials and feel confident for 2009 exam. It’s my pleasure to join CFA Hanoi club

Hi Thuy, It is nice to know there is one more VN student on this forum. I haven’t tried CFA before so this will be my first shot. However, I have tried sitting with study group in Hanoi in which some took the exam in December 2007. Have really learnt something about CFA and how to arrange my time for my real exam date.

Hello you, I try to find a Vietnam FCA forum or club but any. It’s so boring learning on my own. I am very much interested in this cert. for my job. I feel this program very interesting. I am newbie too. And feel hard reading CFA materials. Nice to join club and hope there be more member.

Nice to discover your defensive action on my “ethics” post. It is so careless of me to make a spelling mistake, given that I was educated to be an English teacher years ago … LOL You can find more VN members at this post

So funny, they discuss too much about yr vocabulary mistake there. No problem because L1 request any writing test and we only have to do multi-choice question. The link you gave cannot access, maybe it is rejected. Thank you any way and good luck in books : ) I seem to surrender