Anyone awake?

… zzzzzzzzz I am on CFAI-2008 Exam Q-4 and taking a well deserved break after the 7 part Institutional question which has caused me to lose my mental equilibrium. weep…weep… I don’t think I have it in me to put in couple more hours and finish this test. Just in case, if I do, will post the score before crashing. 3 Sss - Saturday/Summer/S*x are overrated, anyways!

You have your priorities in the wrong order S*x>>>>>>>>>>>Summer/Saturday. It’s a shame what the exam can do to a person.

I’m awake, but of course it’s 4:10pm here in Australia. Truding through 2008 AM for the second time. I hate these AM exams.

Still awake .One final revision for Schweser mock at USC campus tomorrow .

Good morning. Just finished one hour jogging round and a couple exam questions. Get ready for my breakfast :slight_smile:

Awake - just finished a 6 hour mock. Taking a break before I go and correct the paper. Reading through the answers takes sooo looooong.

LaGrandeFinale Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- >will post the score before crashing. 106/180 = 59% I just can’t make up my mind weather to go appear for this exam (or not?) on 5th.

It probably doesn’t help that you’re nearly falling asleep when taking these tests… 59% really isn’t that bad and there’s pretty much no downside to sitting for it at this point, but you’ll be kicking yourself if you don’t and it ends up being another year with a 75% pass rate! The AM section is pretty much always the hardest and I believe 2008 was an especially hard year, but you can also make up for a good deal of that in the PM section. There’s a ton of room for improvement in 2 weeks, just make sure you’re learning from your mistakes and constantly improving your weaker areas. Whatever you do, don’t panic about what you have left to do - just be smart about deciding what to focus on and realize that you can only do one thing at a time. And don’t forget to get some sleep, too!! Seriously, it really helps with retention. If your brain is fried and you’ve hit the point where you can’t really absorb much more, get a little rest.

Thanks Aimee - will keep chugging for 2 more weeks and hope for the best.

P.S. Schweser seems to think that a 65% on the exam would be a “likely” passing score - while I’m not sure I completely buy that, it certainly makes me feel better when I tank a practice exam. 59% is not far from that at all!

Falling asleep

A big booyaa to all you guys - I am back!

Going to bed…

good night. it was a productive evening.

Reporting to duty Sir! - 3.45 EDT!


Overran the clock and ended up missing an important meeting at 9.00. My short-term gains might cause me the long-term benefits (Myopic Loss aversion)

it’s 12:20 am… I think I should call it a night. Thank you guys for helping me refresh my memory on lots of topics that are being discussed. Keep asking questions, please! as this benefits both sides (inquirer and contributor) Have fun studying. We are almost there!