Anyone Behind/Stressed?

Hey guys…I’m about to finish the FRA book by the end of the week using Kaplan/Schweser. Have been pretty busy and stressed that there’s only 95 days left until the June exam. So far, I’ve done Quant Methods, Economics, and almost all of FRA. Will I be okay if I start studying more now? Thanks guys!!

Yes, Im behind too so stressed, I just did a FRA reading thats was one of the hardest I did until now (The understanding Income Statements one, the last questions in the CFA website about comprehensive and other comprehensive income were so hard). So far I did CF, Equity, FI, Der, half of QM and 3 readings of FRA. I did a total of 25 readings. Im so stressed because now I have less than 2 days for the remaining readings until 6th May because I need the last month for a revision.
Im getting crazy, theres like 57% left still to do and Im feeling stressed and tired. I was really confident with my percentage in questions (in CFA site I did 81% right of all questions of the readings I studied). But Im so afraid to not finish the rest in time are theres so much left: half QM, 9 FRA, AI, Economics, PM and Ethics. Also Economics there are extra readings that are prerequisite in the site that are so long 150+ pages that I didnt knew about them.
I will probably arrive by the end of june tired af and I dont if I will able to finish all material, maybe I will have to leave some Economics or PM or QM readings if Im not able to finish them all.

You finished the worst readings the hardest in my opinion, but you`re so late too you will have to rush even more than me, you did only like 35% off all material I think

I don’t think you’re behind but you did study in a weird order for sure. Are you not using the Kaplan Schweser materials? I’m using that and it has me doing in this order. I am also taking the online class and I’m basically in line wirh the online class right now, which apparently is the “minimum” where we should be. I guess I finished 35% of material based on weights, but ethics is 15%, which is usually saved until the very last. Based on the Kaplan schedule I should finish the material by May I think wirh 16 hours of studying per week…however Kaplan’s 16 hours is more like 20+ for me :frowning: Best of luck to both of us! I don’t know about you but stress will definitely help me be more motivated to study this second half than the first half!

I dont did this exactly order of the ones I finished, the order I did was: half QM, FI, CF, Equity, DER and now Im in the beginning of FRA.

Im using CFA Official material and I`m also doing all questions from CFA site bank, I also bought Mark Meldrum but I almost never uses it anymore because the CFA books give me a better understanding.

I think the order you did is actually really strange I think its better to save economics for one of the lastest ones (Ethics should be last), I should have done FRA before because it`s so big.

And yeah we`re late, because we should have done at least 50% of the material, I did 25 Readings and have 32 left still.

If I study everyday I will need to do a reading each 2 days which is very hard, because you should be ending with everything in the beggining of May because you should have 30 days only to make reviews. I will probably not be able to finish till early may and gonna be end up finishing like 15 May, this means I will have only a few time to review If don`t miss any days, which is less than you should have.

IDK about Kaplan materials, but if I was you I would do all questions from CFA EOCQ readings + the ones in the official CFA site that are probably the most similar to the one`s in exam, I was doing questions on MM site before, but when I got to CF I stopped doing it because his questions were harder than the ones in CFA EOCQ.

I think QM is probably the hardest one (I still miss the 3 last readings to do), followed by either economics (really big for the weighting on the test) and FRA (also big and I figured is not as easy as I through)

Also you don`t wanna be in line with other students you should want to be ahead, because 58% off the candidates fail.
About this studying hours per week, In total I have studied around 240 hours for about 44% of the material.
I think in your situation you need to do certainly at least 6 hours per day because the number of hours recommended to pass is at least 400 hours.
I deserve you good luck too!