Anyone cancelled Uppermark order?

Has anyone of you cancelled or tried to cancel your Uppermark level II order? They are a month behind Schweser and the clock is ticking…The same resources are probably working on Level I notes which are also delayed - and probably on a higher priority since they want the returning customers from Level I. Has anyone heard anything of the schedule? I would not want to risk the exam and that’s why I’m considering to switch to Schweser, although I’m not sure how cancelling would work (Uppermark charged the money immediately upon the order).

I’m contemplating canceling them myself. I got only half of the Q-bank too besides half the notes. Pisses me off.

The uppermark notes are good so far, but if I hadnt bought the official notes i’d be annoyed too.

Called Uppermark, they said they are shipping today to some people and the Q-bank will be updated next week or something. It better not be full of errors…sighh Hope it’s good. I’m thinking these essays will be tricky and will work more on them while waiting.

Happy New Year! We hope that your studies are going well and that you are working your way through your Volume II book. We are writing to update you on our Study Handbooks. Since the material for the March 2010 exam covered in our Volume I book would be close to 500 pages, for your convenience, we have divided this volume into two books: Volume I - A and Volume I - B. * Volume I - A covers Topics 1-4. * Volume I - B covers Topics 5-6. Volume I - A has begun shipping, with Volume I - B to follow. We hope that you are benefiting from our Online Review Course. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions. Kind Regards, UpperMark Client Services

Live review has been cancelled.

Major coup for Schweser so far…

At least I do not have any indication that they had shipped something. Maybe the talk about “shipping to some people” is just an attempt to buy another few days or a week… BTW, wasn’t it Uppermark who advertised in November on their website that they are going to be the first to publish the new curriculum material? That ad has disappeared long time ago. The least they could do is to give a partial refund to compensate for the delay.

I got volume 1-A today so they definitely sent it out

How does it look so far?

Hard to say so far. I just got mine. Only one of the two books was shipped and nearly a half of that book consist of the copy of the Level 1 ethics section. It looks like the rest was written to some extent before December since it contains some of the errors corrected in CAIA’s official errata in mid-December.

Really unimpressed with uppermark, schweser have a new amusing ad…

Do not be too impressed with Schweser. All the mistakes in the commodities section of CAIA level II Advanced Core Topics in Alternative Investments were faithfully replicated by them. They even had a question based on the above mistakes with the answer wrong.