Anyone doing the FRM

I got the email and bit on Shweser’s notes for the FRM test. I have not enrolled for the exam yet but probably will. I think I’ll have to repeat level II but if I passed II then I think that starting Mid November is enough to pass level III and if I have to repeat II then I will be practicing on similar material, and hopefully will get something to show for it, and also will be in good shape with plenty of time to cover the material before the level 2 exam next year. Anyone else doing the same?

Check this out!,700689,792025#msg-792025

bostonkev Thanks.

I took it in 2006. A lot of overlap with CFA I & II material. Especially good for those in banking.

Was going to, but had some priorities shift so I will be postponing until next year for my $100 fee to GARP.