Anyone done this before?

I got invited yesterday. No idea what to expect.

I’ve heard of this. Looks like tons of fun.

I wonder if they let me roll 360 degrees in that thing

I’ve seen people play soccer with this. Tip: Don’t play the ball, play the man.

With the recent trend towards child over protectiveness, I would not be surprised if this equipment became mandatory eventually.

I actually thought you were goign to say you got invited to this

^I’ve heard of this. Looks like tons of fun.


^The article is, but the orgy isn’t.

It’s only fun if everyone does it in the buff.

Why did they have to name it “Killing Kittens”?

Because dudes go to slay p____y

Women go there to have sex as well but the party isn’t called a “Woodchopper”

^ That was actually pretty funny.

Well done! :slight_smile: