Anyone dumping there books in NYC

If anyone is selling or throwing out their level III books, I would be interested. If you are in UWS of Manhattan, I can come pick them up. Let me know. Thanks.

I have the cfai 2008 books if you want them

I’m midtown west and will gladly part with my Schweser 2008 books (was about to recycle them). If you are interested, let me know at btrainnyc at yahoo dot com.

I have the 2009 Stalla and 2008 Schweser books, if anyone is interested

I’ll take your Stalla Books. Please contact me at

I’ll take someone’s mastreet at hotmail dot com

I will take the Schweser books. Please contact me at dbltree at

if anyone has lvl 3 books in st louis or is willing to ship them, I am interested and willing to pay for the shipping (obviously) would prefer the Schweser books. Please contact me at cameronvan at hotma, thanks.