Anyone else burned out?

I’ve almost completed the book that has behavioral finance and haven’t read any others yet (man, these books are HUGE!) And, frankly, looking at all the portfolio management topics in the rest of the curriculum is depressing me. I just can’t summon the motivation to buckle down and start studying this crap. I’m really burned out of test taking, in the last 18 months I’ve taken: CFA 1-2, all CPA and GMAT. I’ve managed to pass mostly on the cram for 1-2 months (closer to 1 than 2) prior to test day plan, but I’m not sure it can be done for level 3. What do you think? Anyone know of any extreme procrastinators like me who have pulled off level 3? What should be my strategy here? (I only have the curriculum, no Schweser/Stalla)

It’s too bad you don’t have Schweser or Stalla notes. If you can’t get access or have the $$ to purchase them, I suggest you try to do the end of chapter problems from all the readings in the CFAI texts - or simply review the answers if you don’t have time to go back and read the appropriate section of text material. You can also work through all of the CFA morning exams that are available online plus spend the money and do some of the CFAI online sample & mock exams. I believe it’s possible to pass doing just this but it’s a long shot. Worth the try for only a month’s worth of studying. Good Luck - you’ll need it!