Anyone else excited for the exam?

I gotta say, when you answer a question on a high stakes exam where you are absolutely sure of the answer it’s quite the little thrill for me. I also like the atmosphere of everyone “going to war” together, and the jubilation that comes (hopefully) afterwards.

Try to embrace this attitude the next week. You need complete focus.

Go get 'em guys!

everytime I walk into the CFA exam hall, I feel like an unbeatable warrior, but after the first few questions, I start to get panicky and confidence level go down hugely, how to overcome this anyone?

Answer sections that are your strongest first. i.e., seek out the questions that will increase your confidence, rather than test it.

Confidence is sometimes difficult to build if you don’t already have it. Some people are naturally really confident when they don’t really have anything to brag about. Other people are the opposite. I’ve been that way. But, I found the biggest confidence builders are various successes.

You can’t really build confidence in an instant. People that are naturally confident didn’t actually come out of the womb with confidence. They were raised in such a way that helped them develop confidence. It took years in their rearing environment. If you were not one of those people, it will take a lot of effort to build confidence later in your life.

For CFA exam purposes, the best advice I can give you at this point (so close to the exam), is just to tackle the easy questions first. When you have months to prepare, the best way to build even greater confidence is by preparing really well.