Anyone else far under 300 hours?

With exam day less than a week away now is there anyone else who is also well below the 300 hour mark for studying? I’m at about 130 hours at the moment but have been scoring 73-74% on average across the 9 CFAI mocks I’ve taken, I really don’t know how much more another 170 hours would do/would have done for me in terms of scoring better.

I’m at about 220 hours at the moment and scoring worse than you. I believe working on mistakes is the optimal way to increase the score.

That was exactly my mindset. I started out doing almost no reading before diving into practice questions and mock exams. I’m careful to go back and review areas where I miss questions and do the reading then but it’s much more targeted and I feel like a much more effective way of studying (for me anyways)

9 CFAI mocks? All from CFAI? How can I access more directly from the institute?

I’m at 100 hours since last Monday, pulling in about 15 hour days and doing nothing else, I am almost done with the curriculum and about to start practice questions and see how I’m doing there, hopefully I didnt study too little.

300 hours tbh sounds like too much time unless the 300 includes doing practise questions?

I don’t know exactly what the “rules” are for redistributing old mocks so I won’t do so. One of my buddies forwarded me some on from his buddy from RBC. It was 9 half mocks (120 questions ea.) but I have the CFAI mocks from 2008-2013 afternoon/morning.

Teezy, I would move directly into practice questions as that’s really where you learn your strengths and weaknesses and build on your knowledge the fastest. 300 hours definitely seems excessive in any sense, especially if you have a finance degree.

No clue what I am at but it is over 300 hours for sure. 300 hours is just an average of what people reported they studied and passed, some may study 500 hours and others 100 hours. I figure I may as well put the extra time in now rather than on another go at L1. Look on R/CFA (reddit) some 2011-2016 copies got posted there although they are very similar to this years mock