Anyone Else Feeling Burnt Out?

I hit the library again today and not only was nothing sinking in, but material that is normally easy was causing me grief and then it didn’t help that I started to review Session 13. I’m feeling exhausted and going to take the rest of the evening off and do a light day tomorrow. Can’t wait for all of this to be over.

Yes - im there with you… makes me think of a good thread to start…

yeah me too …whats worse is i havent been able to sleep properly either …

i have not been sleeping well either. i am really kicking myself for letting personal life get in the way of this… only a week left and i don’t know if that will be enough time. *sigh* i don’t think i can do this again if i fail.

Me neither. I better pass. Or else I’ll always be a 2/3rd CFA… ethics violation notwithstanding :slight_smile:

Same here. I am on a verge. Just need to get this done

Deep breath guys. Maybe take a night off and recharge. I may just heed my own words as my littlest one has been pretty sick the last couple nights and that’s limited my sleep to minimal amounts as well. I’m doing Schweser Book 1 3PM right now at an absolute snails pace. We’ve all been through this before so use your past experiences to get you through. We can do it.

I am toast…I have been getting up at 4:30 or 5:00 and not getting home until 6, hour communte both ways, not sleeping very well. Everything takes me 3 times as long as I think it will…I did play nine holes of golf and am currently watching the Simpsons…I have another 2 hours in me after that tops and I going to have to crash

You guys start dreaming about the exam yet? I had one where I was late… Then I remember last year for LII there was one where I didn’t understand any of the questions.

I definetely have had more than a couple of dreams about material sad really

Take the night off and watch LOST or a ball-game or go to the club. Whatever tickles your fancy. I GUARANTEE it will be increase your performance by stimulating your hapiness. We have all done these exams before, and know how very little we pick up our practice exam scores in the last week or two. Not to say you quit, just keep it in perspective. I’m feeling like I’m just coming into my peak. All about pace. Too many people on this forum, who I will admit are more likely to pass than I, swet the small stuff too often and think they’re doing terrible when they pull like 70’s on pratice exams. You reach a point at which you FAIL by f’ng with your head. Just how I see it. Dreaming about the material is the best, had my first Level III last night…dreaming about the exam on the other hand is terrible. Anyone had the dream the exam pops up and you haven’t studied in some excessive amount of time and hence start freaking out???

nothing stick anymore… even the sh1t I read a few days ago for the 5th time… losing hope at this point…

The hardest thing is writing something in a problem that you’ve read and understand and putting it into English. It’s so much easier with MC. Keep at it nailit…and you’ll NAIL IT!

I have problems with writing out my thoughts, its much easier to type it out b/c my typing works at the same speed as my thoughts, but when writing in pen and trying to do it neatly I slow up my brain and I stall…sucks.

Totally agree!

burntout, yes. i started studying since late September. it feels like 2 semesters i’ve been studying for this.

I’m burnt after that joint.