Anyone else feeling like they were well prepared but botched L3?

Felt like I grinded and just didn’t execute yesterday- anyone else? Misery loves company… :slight_smile:

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I feel exactly the same way.

Same here

Yeah feel same way. I think I was well prepared but nerves and exam technique will have let me down.

Well if we don’t get the result we were hoping for, there’s always November

it was time more of time crunch game not a knowledge test (specially AM). Even if i knew half questions upfront and did 10 more mock exams, i would be same finish line, ultimately flip of a coin because they give so little time to read, understand and react that its very easy to miss the shot. Again i don’t think it was a knowledge test.
Also, test was not representing syllabus.
Effectively (i.e excluding check in, checkout, security and locker time) just 15 minutes bathroom and water break left my eyes burning towards mid and at end of exam.

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jack I felt the same way. - felt like the AM was more of time issue rather than the materials.

Hello to my online band of CFA level 3 test warriors!

I really felt that it’s like speed reading for the morning session. I blew out one question as well. Well, misery loves company and for those that have managed to complete ahead of time. Kudos to you! :slight_smile:

Did anyone feel as though the ethics portion was super tricky… probabily got less than 50%