Anyone else feeling overwhelmed?

Just about had a panic attack when I realised how much work I have left to do. I’d like to finish the following:

6 Schweser Exams

BSAS 2011 Exam

BSAS Live Mock

CFAI Morning Sessions for 2007, 2008 and 2009

Also have all of the online essays (25) from Schweser and just over 1,500 in the QBank.

Seems like there may not be enough hours in the day, but going to give it a shot.

What’s everyone else got left?

are you working? If so, I think finishing all that is impossible…

I have GIPS and Ethics left and all of the above, not yet done any of Schwerser or CFAI past exams and yes I am working.

Will try to do whatever I can, not going to kill myself over this stuff.

The trick here is to focus more on quality than quanlity. Doing 3 exams will pretty much cover most of the stuff, rest all is repetition in one form of the other.

Are the BSAS any good? I am out of schweser and CFA, i could use new material. Suggestions welcome.

big ML , I feel you csn do it. Just have to concentrate really hard and do at least 2 exams per day on Friday/Saturday and Sunday + take the last week off to study

this. i only did 3 or 4 practice exams last time and passed. if you understandt he material, and you are putting up mid 70’s to mid 80’s on the practice exams, you are fine.

I am working, but I took off the week before the exam and will likely take 1 or 2 other days to study along the way.

They are supposed to be OK. The quality of the questions is supposed to be good, however some people have posted that they are prone to errors. Felt like I needed to sit down for a live exam, so I signed up for BSAS because there is no Schweser live in Boston.

Thx… I did the Schweser last year and thought it was pretty good, plus way cheaper than BSAS. I will be doing it again this year but could use a few more tests between now and then.

Yeah, as a re-taker, its frustrating re-using Schweser, but I can’t honestly say I’m remembering answers from last year, ha.

Finished Schweser Vol 1, CFAI sample #1.

Stil to go: Schweser Vol 2, CFA sample #2, CFA mock, Schweser Online Mock.

Goign to ask for the week of the exam off of work. Low on sleep, high on stress.

I used Stalla last year, so at least the Schweser will all be fresh for me.

I recommend doing 3 schweser exams (first exam book) and then 2012 mock + 2011 and 2010 CFAI exams

between those 6 full exams you should have all the concepts checked

I already knocked out the 2011 and 2010 CFAI exams, so I’m OK there.

BSAS mock exams for Levels 1 and 2 were at par with Schweser’s. A couple of guys from the office said the BSAS level 3 mock exam last year was worth it.

I liked the fact that you had to go and sit down to take the exam. The simulated exam situation is what I needed to see if I could apply the material and was ready from a time management stand point. I signed up for the level 3 mock on May 19.

I have done all the CFA EOC questions, the 2011 CFA AM exam, and one Schweser sample exam. I will not have time to do any Qbank questions, since I work full time and have a heavy travel schedule. In addition, my wife is due on May 21st.

Good luck to us all!

you are a stronger man than I. may the force be with you, young skywalker.

last year I had a similar experience, but my baby was born in March. Didn’t work out well for me, but certainly sounds like you are in a better place.

Good luck!

Try cutting out sleep. You only need 5 hours per night. This is game time beotch.

My smart friends, can you help me with a little bit of planning here.

I still have to take a practice test yet, In theory - I have read everything except GIPS and Ethics

Schweser Vol-1 (3 full-exams)

Schweser Vol-2 (3 full-exams)

CFAI- past-exams from 2007 to 2011 (5 AM exams)


Not thinking about BSAS, Schweser mock or anything else at this point.

My only question to you guys is - Should I just do Vol-1 and CFAI-past exams. I wanted to know the real value of doing Vol-2 vs. reading, revising and memorizing the subtle theory points.

any suggestions?

Don’t forget to do the CFA Mock

Had the same exact thoughts last night and was going to post the same thing here before I saw your post. I started my final month review on Monday and there is so much material to cover. I am not sure where to start and the best way to attack the material. I feel like if I go through each subject chronologically by the time I get to the exam I won’t be very fresh on the first half of the material. For L1 & L2 I hit all subject on a weekly rotation the last 4 weeks so I saw each section 4 times which kept it really fresh. Thoughts? What are others doing?

Should I focus the most attention on Private Wealth Management and Portfolio Management for Institutional Investors? Isn’t that ~40% of the exam?

I’m doing CFAI EOC questions (which take FOREVER) and realize how little I really know the material. I’m doing the Boot Camp in Omaha next weekend and hope that really helps shore things up for me. I was planning on doing the 2009 - 2011 past CFA exam (morning sections) and 1 or 2 full Schweser practice exams.

What is BSAS?

Edit: My daughter was born 2 months ago so that is added stress as well as finding the right amount of the time to study and/or sleep.