Anyone else feeling worse....

As they read through these comments? Most of the answers that are being posted I think I got wrong…

lol some of them yeah.

Yes, it’s bothering me I thought I did decent but then all of these questions people posted today have made me think I failed for sure

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I feel sicker and sicker by the minute, I think I’ll jut stay the heck away, I cannot change my answers so why bother now?:slight_smile:

jA ! i second that …but try telling your brain that… mine wont listen, like its obsessed with this pointless self-flagellation

i’m actually starting to feel a little better :slight_smile:

I am felling better also. I guessed on a lot and everyone is confirming I guessed correctly!

Hmm, well, people are posting the hardest questions right? So figure you knew 50% for sure and you answered 50% of the hardest right, 75%!!! Pass!

I wish we could see the results right now and redo the test tomorrow if we failed lol

I love your logic :wink:

i am feeling worse. :frowning:

as am I…I felt really good leaving the test but now I am second guessing everything…guess there is nothing left to do but wait for the results :frowning:

I told myself i wouldn’t come to the board for this very reason. I figured I got about an 85 on the morning but had a much harder time in the pm session. and seems like most of my pm guesses were wrong…