Anyone else find the CFAI mock exam too easy?

There’s a clear degree of separation between the EOC questions in the CFAI books versus the mock exam questions. Is the CFAI mock exam too easy compared to whats actually going to be on the real exam?

Define easy :slight_smile:

Take the Sample Exams and get back to me. From what I’ve read in previous years, the sample exams are brutal.

The CFA Mock Exam is simply an old Official CFAI L1 exam, right?

Where can we find those?


Heard that mock exams are easier than the real exams.

CFA website. Log in, go to Preparation Toolkit center and find Sample/Mock exams and there they are.

I don’t know about the mock exam but I did try the sample exam. I was doing so bad that I stopped after Ethics and realized that I need to review stuff before taking that exam O_O

Last year the mock was harder than the real exam. The real exam felt like a walk in the park after I scored a 72 on the mock. Walked out KNOWING I passed.

I have taken Level I twice. Each time, the mock exam was much harder than the actual exam.

There is a free mock exam of 240 questions in total and a set of practice questions of 20ish on the CFA website right?

I did the practice questions 2 months ago and found it hard. sad

I did the CFA mock last weekend and found it not so hard indecision

So I don’t know how representative the mock exam to the real exam…really dunno…I think now I am feeling confident after taking the CFA mock exam. But I don’t want to get bad surprise in the real exam in two weeks…

So…still need to keep heads down…

P.S. I heard Schweser mocks to be hearder than the real thing…

OMG…u so lucky!!!

I think the CFAI L1 2012 Mock was definitely a little harder than the real thing…