Anyone else forget their L2 stuff?

I came across some of my L2 studies and realized just how much I’ve forgotten since June. It’s almost embarrassing. I mean, I’m sure I can get it up and running again if necessary, and I still remember the basic concepts and outlines, but so many details have evaporated. I hope I don’t have to remember too much of L2 before studying L3. Anyone else in this boat?

I don’t think there is much overlap at all… my advice would be for you to look through the LOS for L3… most of the stuff is new.

Yes Chadwick, I’ve been thinking alot lately on how of L2 I’ve forgotten. I’m not worried so much of its impact on L3 but more importantly on the job. I’ll be working for a company soon doing equity analysis for them!!!

I am still “fresh” with pricing, valuation of equity, bonds and derviatives. However, for the rest of LII, I am little fuzzy now.

L2, I dont remember a thing…ok I rememeber stuff but not at the same level of detail.

Same here… Can’t really recall though i prob can do it in a much shorter time again than someone fresh. That’s the advantage a retaker has over a fresh level taker… But hopefully i don’t need to exercise this advantage in level 3

That’s why I am still keeping all my L1 and L2 materials on my bookshelves. That is with the exception of L2 FSA which I lent to my friend last week.

Reading the Schweser book 4 yesterday, I was so suprised that I was able to caculate the credit exposure for a intereste rate FRA. Keep my L1 and L2 books was a smart move.

remembered a lot more than I credited myself for, but then again, I really revised (not cram) the material for L2 …

Totally irrelevant for L3, thank goodness.

SteelerFan Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Totally irrelevant for L3, thank goodness. come again? have you seen the syllabus? ethics, derivatives, fixed income, equity … are you on the same exam as the rest of us? granted there is a heap of portfolio theory, every little bit helps with the volume.

i’ve forgotten a lot myself. i’m doing the FRM and there is a lot of overlap so I come across material i seen before but have forgotten. I think its normal.